Monday, January 18, 2010

Let Me Tell You A Little About Myself :)

My name is Donna and I was born and raised in Florida. I am very thankful to have been raised in a Christian home. My Dad tells me that he used to read the Bible to me when I was an a baby and that some of my first words were scripture. I knew my Bible stories growing up, but I do remember very clearly being 4 and listening to my preschool teacher, Mrs Briggs, telling me the Easter story. When we prayed to ask Jesus in our hearts it was different this time, and very exciting! I was so excited to get home and tell my parents I knew I was going to heaven because Jesus died on the cross for my sins and He lived in my heart. I have had a personal relationship with him ever since! (I'm 32 now) I think this is why I'm so drawn to the children's ministry. I not only adore them, but I know they truly can understand and their faith is so precious!
I have 3 younger sisters and we're are all best friends. Two of them have babies and they are my munchkins!!! I went away to college, earning my bachelors in chemistry from USF. I married my best friend, Myles, and we moved to Key West. Key West was a beautiful and interesting place. Sure you hear your stories of partying but that's only down Duval, it's a great place for artists. As my sisters had their babies I really started becoming homesick so we decided to move back to Fort Lauderdale to be close to my family! :)
I have an 18 yr old step son, Trever, and a 16 yr old step daughter, Stacia. They're great kids!!! I would love to have a baby with my hubby whenever God blesses us :) I do have a cat, Sebastian who is my baby and probably the most spoiled cat. He is a sweetheart and has the best personality! He is also hilarious!
I love to create ! My favorite material to work with is glass. I fuse glass and I also wire wrap beads. I actually love any craft. I could spend all day at a Michael's although if I got a job there it would probably be dangerous as I would spend my whole paycheck there, hehe
Well, I'm not really sure how to end this so until I blog again :)