Friday, April 30, 2010

My May GiveAway!!!

This one is Easy Peasy!!!
First, you need to follow my blog and be a fan of mine on Facebook - Leave me a comment saying that you are both and that's one entry! :)
Second, either tell people about this contest on facebook, twitter, or your own personnal blog and then leave me a comment giving me the link that you did that and that's another entry! :)
Third, if you buy anything from my store while this contest is
running, leave me a comment with the transaction number and it counts as 3 entries! :)
Here's the "fine print"
-Since I'm only having 1 contest a month you may not enter if you have won something from me in the last 6 months (let's let others win too!)
-You MUST leave your email address or etsy store in your comment, otherwise I don't know how to contact you if you win and will have to chose another winner :)
-Winners will be chosen through
-Contest will run from today, May 1st through Fri, May 7th at Noon EST
-I will post the winner here on my blog sometime Fri afternoon :)
-You may pick anything from my store with the exception of the necklace and ring sets

Come On In and Get to Know Me :)

Here's a collage of some of my pendants rings and bracelets :)

Here I am at a show. My friend, Hollie, from BlueBerryShoes took this pic for me :)

Here I am with my wonderful hubby, Myles

I figured that before I do too many of these "Feature Fridays" I should do one on me ;)
So here's a little bit about me:
I'm the oldest of 4 girls and I'm married to my very best friend! I have an 18 year old stepson and a 16 year old stepdaughter. I also have 5 munchkins (nephews and nieces). I love to do just about anything and everything artsy and craftsy! :)
The way I got into fusing glass was before I got married, my hubby bought me a piece of glass jewelry (nothing like what I do) and it fascinated me. I read a bunch of books on fusing glass and then took a Saturday glass on how to fuse glass. I love going to galleries and looking a huge glass pieces!! My dream is to have a kiln so big I can sit in it!! I just love fusing!! I want to learn how to blow glass too!!
My favorite thing to list would either have to be my chunky rings or my beach themes :)
I love chunky rings and have to wear my own everyday. I also love creating pendants with beach themes. I have lived in Florida all my love and love everything to do with the beach. I had a customer custom order a mermaid pendant, so I perfected my mermaid drawing skills. I already had my palm tree and then my beach themes just expanded from there :)
My favorite thing to do when not creating would have to be hanging out with my family. I am definitely a family person. I love that I live within 3 miles of my parents and my sisters. I just adore my munchkins too and love that I can be near them while they grow up!! :)
You can find me on the web at
And since tomorrow is May 1st, please check back for directions for my next giveaway!!! It will be your choice from my shop!! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

And the Winner Is ....

Congratulations Goes to Katie!!!!

There were 236 entries for the Mega GiveAway!!! (Thank You!)
I went to, plugged in that number and asked it to pick a number 1 through 236 (including 1 and 236) and the number chosen was 105. The person that left comment #105 was Katie!! :)

I wish that I could give everyone of you a gift for entering!!! Please accept the gift of 15% off in my store (DHElegance) until Sunday, May 9th. Use the code "Springtime" in the message to seller when checking out and the difference (less shipping) will be refunded to you via Paypal!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Laura from Laura Estrada's Photography

I love photography! It allows me to go places I've never gone and see things I've never seen!

Nature Photography by Laura Estrada

Come on in and meet Laura Estrada!

Laura with her husband, Justin

So Laura, tell me a little bit about yourself:

I am a Christian woman artist from Florida, but am currently living in the UK. I am a makeup artist, painter, and Photographer. I have been married for almost 4 years and am loving every moment of it.

How did you get into art?

I have loved art ever since I can remember. I love being creative, getting my hands dirty and finding new things to work on. I got into Photography just last year because I finally got a great camera. I have been wanting to dive into it for a long time, but never had the equipment to do it. Now that I do I can't stop! I love being really creative with it and it has no boundaries.

What is your favorite thing to take pictures of?

I love capturing moments of beauty in nature. I love the way the light hits a tree from behind and the rays of the sun comes poring through the branches making shadows. I also would really love to travel all over the world and take some candid shots of people in there cultures. I don't like poses... I like to catch people doing there thing and living life.

What is your favorite thing to do when not taking pictures?

Spending time with my very supportive husband and cooking.
I love all types of food and and being creative with it. I love the beach and traveling as well. My husband and I love being adventurous and going to new and exciting places.

What or who is your inspiration?

Wow.. Tough one.. I love art.. whether it is metal art, glass art, beautiful bright paintings, or Photography.. I am fickle when it comes to art. If I feel something tingle inside when I see something, I know it is special. I would love to have my house filled with an eclectic variety of art. Anything Bright, bold, and emotionally moving.

Where can we find you on the web?

I am on facebook (Laura Estrada Photography)
I am also in the process of setting up a really nice web-sight. I will post that on my facebook fanpage when it is up and running. But you can also find my work on

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mega Spring Give Away

It's the Mega-Spring Give Away!!!

Spring time is finally here! How would you like to win a wonderful prize package filled with not one, but many goodies!!! Here is your chance!!! It's the mega spring give away!!! Some of my friends from my wonderfully talented CAST (Christian Artist Street Team) on Etsy have teamed up with me to bring you these goodies! There will be one winner and they will receive ALL the prizes!!! This contest is open worldwide, I do ship internationally! :)

First, the Prizes:

A cupy cozy from MattsCraftyWife

A pair of Earrings by IngridsCreations

A pendant from SweetHeartStudios

A pendant from DHElegance

A mini scarf from Julieriis

Two Flower Cards from NewCreatioNZ

Stacker Bow from LilysFrilys

Eyeglass holder from sammysgrammy

Your choice of a Free Pattern from DelightedHands3113

A 5x7 Print from BeanTreeDesigns

A 4x6 Print from BeanTreeDesigns

The winner will be selected via a random generator (, so whomever's comment corresponds to the number chosen by the generator will win. (The only comments counted will be those that are valid entries). So, let's tell you how you can enter! :)

There are many ways to enter, but EACH entry must be done so as a SEPARATE comment. You must also leave your email address or your Etsy store in your comment so that I have a way to get a hold of you if you win :)

If the winning comment does not have contact information, a new number will be generated.

Here are the ways in which you may enter

1. Follow this blog and comment that you are doing so = 1 entry
2. Visit AbbasGirl, BeanTreeDesigns, BreathofDawnStudio, DelightedHands3113, DHElegance, IngridsCreations, JulieRiis, LilysFrilys, MattsCraftyWife, NewCreatioNZ, SammysGrammy, and SweetHeartStudio Come back and put your favorite item from their Etsy store. You may do one comment per shop (up to 12 total entries)
3. Follow BeanTreeDesigns, DHElegance, IngridsCreations, JulieRiis, or NewCreatioNZ on Twitter and come back and say so. (5 total entries)
4. Become a fan of BeanTreeDesigns, DHElegance, IngridsCreations, JulieRiis, LilysFrilys, MattsCrafyWife, or SammysGrammy on Facebook and come back and say so. (7 total entries)
5. Blog, Tweet, or promote this contest on Facebook or in the Etsy Promotion Forums and come back and tells us with the link. (4 total entries)
6. Buy anything from any of the above stores and tell us, posting the transaction ID # (unlimited # of entries)

This contest will be open until Monday the 26th at midnight EST so you have a full week to get your entries in!!!

The winner will be posted sometime Tuesday. Have fun!!! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Meet Diane from LilysFrilys

Aren't These Some of the Most Adorable Bows You've Ever Seen?

One of her beautiful stacker bows

Some adorable butterflies!

Here is her take on the Disney Princesses!

Come on in and meet Diane! Diane is the wonderfully talented designer of the bows and creations in LilysFrilys!

Diane and her daughter, Lily

Diane's husband, Mike, and their 3 children, Logan, Jayden, and Lily

So, Diane, tell me a little about yourself:
" I am a stay at home mom of 3, Jayden 7rs old, Logan 3yrs, and Lily 18months. I love my job, even though there is zero downtime!"
How did you get into making bows?
"After having 2 boys, I had a girl and that is where you can say it began! I love to dress my little girl up and the bows are so adorable! I started making them for her and her cousin, to go with all their outfits! Turns out I love to make them!"
What is your favorite bow or item to create?

"I don't really have one favorite. Anything unique really!"
What is your favorite thing to do when not creating?

"I'd be lying if I said playing with my kids, although they are fun, I spend a lot of time with them already. What I love to do is Bikram yoga!"
Where can you find LilysFrilys?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giveaways - How They're Gonna Work!

I'm sad to say that Facebook really has revised their rules!! :'(

No more giveaways!! Actually, they'll allow giveaways, but you have to go through the process of getting them approved through Facebook or risk getting your Fanpage shut down and I'm just not prepared to lose my fanpage. I've been hosting the giveaways long before this revision so I've ignored the talk about no give aways knowing I had read the rules and that I was following them. Well, here are the revised rules:

So, I've decided that since I'm not the most avid blogger I will do a once a month give away but have it last a whole week. Don't worry I'll post the rules very clearly :)

Also, I want to do fun things, what about a Friday feature? I have tons of talented artist friends!! Would you like to meet them?

Please let me know what you'd like out of this blog! Help me out a little :)

Hope you all have a great day!!
Donna :)