Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giveaways - How They're Gonna Work!

I'm sad to say that Facebook really has revised their rules!! :'(

No more giveaways!! Actually, they'll allow giveaways, but you have to go through the process of getting them approved through Facebook or risk getting your Fanpage shut down and I'm just not prepared to lose my fanpage. I've been hosting the giveaways long before this revision so I've ignored the talk about no give aways knowing I had read the rules and that I was following them. Well, here are the revised rules:

So, I've decided that since I'm not the most avid blogger I will do a once a month give away but have it last a whole week. Don't worry I'll post the rules very clearly :)

Also, I want to do fun things, what about a Friday feature? I have tons of talented artist friends!! Would you like to meet them?

Please let me know what you'd like out of this blog! Help me out a little :)

Hope you all have a great day!!
Donna :)


lesa said...

I actually became a facebook fan through a friend of mine who knows you. I am glad I saw this because I was going to do a giveaway promotion with my business, and now I guess I will be doing it on my blog as well. BTW, you have very beautiful pieces!

Anonymous said...

Once a month giveaways sound wonderful, as do features!
How about a series of posts on your creative process?

Lizzie's Lovelies said...

I started a blog for the same reason. Everything sounds great! I like the idea about how you make your stuff too! I am going to have to get that HFL button for my page too!!!

Julie Riisnaes said...

Oh yes, I'll be over for the giveaway! Can't give you any advice about blogging as I've never tried it. However my favourite ones are a good mix of getting to know the blogger better, interesting new talent, advice etc. I'll come and cheer you on!