Friday, April 16, 2010

Meet Diane from LilysFrilys

Aren't These Some of the Most Adorable Bows You've Ever Seen?

One of her beautiful stacker bows

Some adorable butterflies!

Here is her take on the Disney Princesses!

Come on in and meet Diane! Diane is the wonderfully talented designer of the bows and creations in LilysFrilys!

Diane and her daughter, Lily

Diane's husband, Mike, and their 3 children, Logan, Jayden, and Lily

So, Diane, tell me a little about yourself:
" I am a stay at home mom of 3, Jayden 7rs old, Logan 3yrs, and Lily 18months. I love my job, even though there is zero downtime!"
How did you get into making bows?
"After having 2 boys, I had a girl and that is where you can say it began! I love to dress my little girl up and the bows are so adorable! I started making them for her and her cousin, to go with all their outfits! Turns out I love to make them!"
What is your favorite bow or item to create?

"I don't really have one favorite. Anything unique really!"
What is your favorite thing to do when not creating?

"I'd be lying if I said playing with my kids, although they are fun, I spend a lot of time with them already. What I love to do is Bikram yoga!"
Where can you find LilysFrilys?


Sue Runyon said...

Great to meet you Diane. Adorable bows!

Julie Riisnaes said...

Nice to meet Diane and her lovely family! Hope she does very well with the bows, they're really pretty.

Debi - Tink's Treasure said...

Nice to meet you Diane, love your bows Esp. the Disney Princess ones. Congrats on your shop & prayers for success.

Sarah :) said...

Hi Diane! Those butterfly bows are to die for :) So creative!

Hollie May said...

super cute!! as a fellow bow maker, i know the joy that comes from creating them for little girls and big girls alike! we're never too old to dress up ;) happy etsy'ing to you!!

KippysSoMature said...

It is wonderful to meet you and your beautiful family Diane!! And your bows, the butterflies, the Disney princesses - OOAK and adorable -
I am thinking just to buy one for myself as I do not think 49 is too old for something so pretty and cute !